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Graphite has good chemical stability; after special treatments, graphite is durable against etching and has good thermal conductivity. When used in cooling system in electronic products, parts which are easy to overheat such as LCD displays, CPUs, chips and batteries of mobile phones can be cooled down in a short time. It is the best thermal/ cooling material in the market today.
Techical Info
As light-weight, thin, small and portable become the trend for electronic products, the density inside electronics becomes tighter,  as working speed becomes faster,  especially when assembling electronics with limited room, the thermal problem is urged to be improved. The artificial graphite material we developed has 3~4 times of thermal conductivity copper has and it can improve the thermal problem that high power LED and thin 3C products have, especially those that are thin and have limited room.

Artificial Graphite is a type of man-made coal crystal that has high stability, comparing to natural graphite, the network in artificial graphite are complete and continuous. The layers are stacked up uniformly because of van der Waals Force, so it has better thermal conductivity than the average thermal material. On the surface, it has better thermal conductivity than metals (4 times of copper and 5~6 times of natural graphite), so it can transfer heat quickly and achieve the goal of cooling.

  • Good thermal conductivity:1600 W/ m.K
  • 4 times of CU,7times of AL)
  • Light Weight:Density:2.3 G/CM3
  • Flexible, easy to cut and trim
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Low moisture ratio:<1%
  • Suitable for smartphone, mobile phone, notebook, tablet, LED-backlite display, PDP/LCD/OLED display, high power LED, DVC, DCS, PC, etc.
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